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Sharing your story

We understand writing about this experience can be challenging, but we believe that encouraging open and meaningful dialog through sharing experiences with mental illness will be a major source of support for readers going through similar challenges. The vastness of your experience can in no way be justified in a few words, but we hope that this can be a start.

For this, we have noted down some guidelines which can help you form your story. Please note, these pointers are merely to assist you in writing your story; you can choose to use them to simply spark your thoughts, or write about something beyond these too.

Your story could speak of your experience

How did you feel? When did you realize you were feeling differently? What did you do next?

You could write about your major points of support

This could be a family member, a friend, a mental health practitioner, or even a book, a movie or your pet!

You could highlight how your difficulty was received by others

Was it a challenge to make people understand what you were going through? Did you find it easier to deal with the problem yourself rather than sharing with others?

You could speak of how you supported yourself

What were the things you did to support yourself and motivate yourself to move past this difficult time?

If you have any views on mental health in India, you could speak of that too

How can services be improved? Is there a need for greater awareness? Are community support groups required?

You can choose to write about whichever point(s) appeals to you.

We recommend a word count range of 300-1200 words, & are happy to keep you anonymous if you wish.

If not, please send us a small photo & two line write up about you, so we can share that with the world!

Professionals can also send in their contact details, if they so wish.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us!

Please send us your experiences at writein@theshrinkingcouch.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your story can make a difference!